Why need to make a mobile app when I have the responsive website?

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Both are best in their battles of sales generation.

One crucial part for any business is to be where your customers are. And in today’s world, they are on both the Internet (mobile site) and the home screen of their mobile device (mobile app); just at different times. Another essential part of a business to succeed is not only to attract new customers but also retain them. Your website functions for the former role and your application for the latter.

Upper hand factor: You can grab new customers through the Mobile site while you can retain your old customers and institute loyalty via Mobile App

Approach: User need to follow 3-4 steps to get to the Mobile site. (browser>>Search Engine>>URL) but if you want to cut short your time you need to have a mobile app where a tap on the screen and user is good to go.

Interaction: When it is a Mobile Site the Customer visits, performs and leaves. Whereas with the help of Mobile App you can Reach out to your customers through the medium of push notifications.

Reason to use: The idea to use Mobile site is Users find the product they need by searching. And, the intention to use a Mobile application is that the Users get rewards for their business and app is easily accessible.