Why need to make the native app when hybrid and cross-platform technologies are available?

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Native applications come along with their own set of benefits. They make the user experience better by making the app easy to use, quick to find and more accessible.

Performance: The performance of any native app is higher compared to the hybrid app because there is always coordination between the hardware and the software used. Eg. You can certainly not expect an Android device to work better when integrated with a windows software.

Preference: Generally, an individual prefers to reach out the maximum number of people with their business. But they need to analyze the maximum devices used by their targetted audience for same.

So, a native app holds an upper hand here as the person will know how to attain maximum users. For example, if I want to open an application representing my store in India, I would be going for Android Native app as 86% of people here are Android users. Whereas, if I do the same thing in Newyork, I would be a fool as maximum population uses iPhone.

Integration: Certain features like Geolocation, camera, etc. characteristics of the device can easily integrate into a native application but the combination of some specific device features proves to be cumbersome in any hybrid app.

Security: There are specific reasons a Native App is proficient when it comes to safety.

- To state a few, It’s easier to use multi-factor authentication in a Native app.

- The native app can have an embedded certificate, better than a browser for preventing man-in-the-middle attacks.

User Experience: A native app is designed for a specific operating system. The problem with a hybrid app is that even the most brilliant user experience architect cannot indeed build an app that caters to the two dominant user types: iPhone users and Android users. Their style guidelines are just too different, often to the point that from a design perspective any decision becomes a compromise which, on a case-by-case basis, must be weighed against all other strategic and tactical factors. This is how a Native App paves its way.